Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winner for 2010 ARBA Convention

We had a blast at 2010 ARBA Convention..... Everyone was there from Califorina, Midwest, Michigan and out east New york state and all over. The winners of the 2010 ARBA Convention are- Linda Cassella BOB BOV White senior doe, Marcus Rhoden BOS, BOV Sr colored buck also BOSV Sr colored doe.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Last one done!

Last of the rabbits got cut down today. They look so sad but there so happy when they get there coats off. They can be a normal pet and feed rabbit for 3 months till I will take there coats off again. :-)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

English Angora babies 4 Sale.

Have some baby bunnies 4 sale. There wool qaulity only. $100.00
Dusty Bunnies Sand Doller 2 legs x GC Star Buck's Kathren H 3 Best In Show out of GC Star Buck's Green Acres My first All Breed Best In Show buck! and Star Buck's Ava G Angora show Best In Show.

1- Opal jr buck
1-Chesnut jr doe

Any question e-mail me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mid Michigan Show 3 Show weekend!

I had a wonderful time in Ionia Michigan for a 3 show weekend. We took the moter home and we had a blast. We didn't let a little rain stop us from having a good time.

Show A. Best of Breed Star Buck's Medea (Sr. White doe also 1st runner up show B for 4 class.)
Show B Best of Breed Star Buck's Medea ( Sr. white doe also won Best 4 class and then went on to win Best In show.

Sunday Show. Best of Breed went to Star Buck's Beyonca single ladies up and coming Sr colored doe. She has nice wool that feels like a white. She won Best 4 class and Best In show. First time out of the barn.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rabbit show Weekend!

Off to the Ionia show tomorrow! Wish us luck!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer time.....

Thought I would post some pic of my Chestnut doe. I have never gotten one that could get out to the lenght and denisty of coat this doe has. Star Buck's Reahana. Also thought I would post a pic of the up and coming Star Buck's Bad Romance.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

They Grow up fast!

I can remember that cold day last year when Star Buck's Dominique had a litter of 4. 2 Chestnuts,1 Black and a REW. Well that REW was Star Buck's Medea 2 time BIS and she has grown into a really outstanding bunny.

The Race to ARBA Convention has started!

An Angora person job is never done. Its either cleaning cages or grooming bunnies or cleaning a dirty bottom. Then if your going to ARBA Convention you spend more time on those hopeful bunnies. Grooming them to the 9's trying to keep the wool on them and the coats on them. Hoping they can make it to the finish line. I thought I thought I would post a pix of Star Buck's Single Ladies. Very nice little black doe that has really nice wool and a body to go with it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Star Buck's Rabbitry 4 Sale

Selling some bunnies to make room for new and up and coming: The next Best In Show winner maybe.

Star Buck's Ella Fitz (Black Tort) Sir: Countryside Magnum x Dam: Silvertone Dominique- $150.00 She has really nice wool thanks to her mother I just don't care for the type and her mother has 6 babies in the box and I like to make room for them. She is 1.5 years old

Countryside Magnum ( Blue Tort) He has been a wonderful buck that I got from Collen B from New York- $100.00 His going on 3 years old and has been a wonderful herd buck he has 2 up and coming son's that I like to keep around for awhile and see how they turn out.

Star Buck's Rehana (Chestnut) Sir: Star Buck's Green Acers won my first Open BIS in 2009 x Dam: Silvertone Dominique. $250.00 The type is nice she isn't as high as I like them to be but she has good type with alot of wool to burn very dense for the color chestnut If she doesn't sell I cut her down and she can become part of the herd. She will be showing this fall she is about 7 month.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

North Central Show A & B

Hot hot OMG its Hot! It was a really warm show yesterday in Midland fair grounds but it was a really well run rabbit show. I think everyone rabbit took the heat really well and so did mine. We had really nice air movement through the barn.

Show A: Star Buck's Madea won Best In Show at the little age of 6 1/2 month old. Its her 2nd Best In Show.

Show B: A really nice Havana won Best 4 Class and the judge Terry Finder said the English Angora is resv. I thought that was really cool.

See everyone in the fall...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Do you really need a good Herd buck??

I have been told by some really great friends (L&M) that you need to have really good Keystone herd bucks and if that doe and him work and make nice babies keep doing that cross over and over. A good herd buck should have a sound typ and the wool to back it up. We are a wool breed first. Wool first type next.
There is so much prof in that and that I have seen in the few years that I have been showing. I have never in my all years gotten such nice bucks that have wool to burn. It always seems to be the bucks get left out in the wool department and the girls get all the wool.
All the Best In Shows that I have gotten have come from one really outstanding sire and that that Star Buck's Green Acers he has been producing some outstanding sons to take his place.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saginaw valley/ Heart of Michigan show.

The weather was cold a crappy and it rain hard and ice was coming down but the sun was shining on the English Angoras!

Saginaw Valley Show A:

Star Buck's Madea Sr White doe just about to turn senior on May 13th won her first Best In Show. She is one heck of a rabbit with density and a body to back it up thanks mom Silvetone Dominique.
2nd place Sr white doe Terra
BOS,BOV Colored Sr Buck, Star Buck's Nate King Cole
BOSV Colored Sr Doe Star Buck's Rehana

Heart Of Michigan show B:

Star Buck's Terra White Sr doe won her last leg winning All Breed Best In Show. She can know stay home and be cut down at the good old age of 10 months. She has done her mother Silvertone Ricki Lake very happy! The money she won for her BIS can go to the feed bill and make her owner happy :-)
Star Buck's Medea 2nd place Sr white doe
BOS,BOSV Star Buck's Nate King Cole
BOSV Star Buck's Rehana

Saginaw Valley 75th years!

Today was a great day to share with great people and care about you. The All Breed club that I'm a member of had there 75Th year anniversary. We might be the oldest club still going in the USA. So many clubs have come and gone, we just have been there through the hard and good times. Got to help be show super and really liked it a lot. Its a hard job but someone has to do it and keep it moving. Saginaw Valley we have a great group of people and a lot of thanks goes out to the people that have set and close it down.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Buck Eye State!

Hello to all, thought I come post a fast note. Went down to the great state of Ohio to show. What can words say about the great Buck eye state, don't get lost around Toledo Ohio and end up going back north. LOL A friend and I decided to go to the show me only taking 2 rabbits and all my grooming supplies and myself. I didn't have a show till Sunday so the rabbits sat in there carring cages till then all covered up and they did really well.
There where a lot of rabbits there! The mini lops and American Fuzzy lops had a National show going on and a few other breeds.

Sunday Show:

Star Buck's Terra placed 2nd in her class of 7 White senior does.
Star Buck's Nat King Coal place 1st place jr colored buck of 9 junior bucks and then went on to win BOV&Best of Breed. His a hot little buck just know turning 6 months of age you think you have a doe in your hands with the density of wool this little buck has.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mid Michigan Show A&B

Went to a show this pass weekend. It was put on by the Mid Michigan Club. It was a really nice show. My friend Gina Cook came up from IN to show with me we had a ball together. Don't let Gina near carring cages she will fall on them. :-) Love you Gina!
Bad turn out for rabbits I think all together that had in each show a little over 300 bunnies. Where was everyone?!?!

Show A:
Star Buck's Terra BOB,BOV
Star Buck's Thunder Dome BOS,BOSV
1st place Junior White doe Star Buck's Madea
Star Buck's Nate King Cole BOV
Star Buck's Rehana BOSV

Show B:
Star Buck's Terra BOB,BOV
Star Buck's Nate King Cole BOS, BOSV
1st Place Junior White doe Star Buck's Madea
Star Buck's Thunder Dome BOSV
Star Buck's Rehana BOV

Star Buck's Terra was right up there in pick for 4 class. English Angoras have come along way here in Michigan becoming contenders for 4 class and Best In Shows.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Osceola Show A & B

Went up to Evart MI this pass weekend for a rabbit show. Wonderful time by all. I had a bast driving up with my friend Rena and Kathy and her son Brandon, who won his first Best of Breed Mini Rex in Youth.
We set up our Angora Camp out door. It was cold in the early morning. There was no room for grooming table and chairs and for good reason people where taking up to much room and they had to make people stack there cages. So the rabbits liked the fresh air and sunshine we had yesterday. Ron Coldwell , Deb Syder and group and myself where there with English angoras and Deb had her French Angoras. It was a really well run show and we where done by 5pm.

Show A Judge John Soper:

Star Buck's Terra 1st place Senior doe white BOB,BOV Leg
Star Buck's Thunder Dome 1st place Senior white buck BOS, BOSV
Star Buck's Paparazzi 2nd place Senior white doe
Out for the first time showing: Star Bucks Madea 1st place junior white doe
Star Buck's Reana 1st place junior colored doe BOSV
Star buck's Nate King Kool 1st place junior colored buck BOV

Show B Judge Chuck Pelam:

Rabbits place the same in the 2nd show.

Won Double Best 4 class with Star Buck's Terra Senior White doe

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

South Central & Central Michigan

Had a show this pass weekend. It was the South Central and Central Michigan show. Had a wonderful time. I was the only person there with Angoras. What is wrong with that people! :-)

South Central show. Judge : John Rickter

BOB,BOV Star Buck's Terra
2nd Place Star Buck's Kathrin H
BOS, BOSV Star Buck's Mad Max
2nd place Star Buck's Thunder Dome

Central Michigan Show. Judge: Molly Covert

BOB, BOV Star Buck's Terra
2nd place Star Buck's Kathrin H
BOS, BOSv Star Buck's Thunder Dome
2nd Place Star Buck's Mad Max

Also to note! I will be giving a Demo on English Angoras at Mid Michigan Show April 24th in Hasting Mi at the Berry Co Expo center. Youth are more than welcome to come and get a hands on with the English angora breed to see if you have the time to want to raise and groom them.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lapper Show A & B

Had a wonderful time at Lapper show this pass weekend. The rabbits did well, and we had a good time by all.

Show A:

BOB,BOV Star Buck's Katrhrin H
BOS,BOSV Star Buck's Thunder dome
2nd place White Sr doe Star Buck's Terra
3rd place White Sr doe Papertize
2nd place White Sr Buck Mad Max

Star Buck's Kathrin H also won Group 3 and was one of the rabbits up for Best In Show. Best In Show went to a wonderful looking Havana. There always next time! LOL

Show B:

BOB, BOV Star Buck's Terra
BOS, BOSV Star Buck's Mad Max
2nd place Sr White doe Star Buck's Kathrin H
3rd plcae Sr doe Star Buck's Papperritze
2nd place Sr White buck Thunder dome

Star Buck's Terra was one of the picks for Group 1 English spot, English Angora and Mini Satin where all top in my group.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Great Lake Show A & B

Went to Great Lake Show this pass weekend. It was a well run show, had a great time. As all ways always the only one there with EA and to find out I was the only one there with Angoras! Whats wrong with that?? Here is the run down on the show. More like Play by play. Someone asked is that all you have is White LOL No, I have color just its hard for me to get pass White when they have wool and type to burn over the colored in the barn.

Show A: Breed judge Steve Parker

BOB, BOV Star Bucks Katrhin H
BOS, BOSV Star Buck's Mad Max
2nd Place Star Buck's Terra
3rd place Star Buck's Paperizze
2nd place Sr White buck Thunder Dome Rabbits place the same in Show B.

Went up for Best 4 Class judge was George Rasior jr " He was having a wool day" he said to us the JW was hot and he was talking about the EA also. "English Angora Best 4 Class"

Then had to get ready for Best In Show table. Best In Show judge was Ron Rohrig. Best 6 class was a white Satin of the Gustafson family It was a hot looking animal. "Best In Show today is the English Angora"

So Star Buck's Katrhin H won a leg for winning BIS show A.

Someone told me joking "Know you can only win one of those a year"

Show B : Ron Rohrig was my breed judge and he went through and Star Buck's Katrhin just most of been shinning and picked her out for BOB.
They called Best 4 class right away so I had to run like mad blow her out and do what I could to get her ready for Best 4 class.

Best 4 Class judge was Mike D'Amico.
I had to sick feeling ok he not going to give a EA a 2nd look for 4 class. He sent back all the rabbits but the white mini satin, white Rex, Rhinelander and EA need to stay we where waiting for the Dutch to get done judging, so they ran it over and he gave it a look. " Nice animals but the English Angora is 4 class today"
Then had to get her ready for the Best In Show. It was on the other end of the show room so had to get her ready and run to the end of the show room. Who did I see putting up there rabbit form Best 6 class D Howe and He has knock out Califorias that make your jaw drop.

Best In Show Judge was Steve Parker. He went back and forth through the animals over and over again and he said there both nice animals and both should be up her but he said. "Best In Show is the English Angora"

Same person said to me Alright Marcus that is 2 in a row no more for the year. LOL

Monday, March 8, 2010

First Show of the season!

Michigan just had our first show of the season. It was a wondeful turn out! We had about 24 EA from our friends from the north Canada and our friends from the south, Ohio it was a really great time and we all had fun by all I will post pix when I get them taken.

Winnings go as fallowed.

Judge: Molly Covert
Star Buck's Terra BOB,BOV White Sr doe (7 in the class with 3 exhibitors)
Star Buck's Mad Max BOS, BOSV White Sr Buck
3rd place White Sr doe Star Buck's Kathrine H
2nd place White Sr Buck Star Buck's Thunder Dome

MAC angora show: Judge John Soper

Star Buck's Kathrine H BOB, BOV, BIS most be a mother daughter thing because here mother won an angora show last year for me also.
Star Buck's Mad Max BOSB , BOSV White Sr buck

Monday, February 1, 2010

Michigan 4 H Show

Went to the Michigan State 4-H show these pass weekend. Thoughts about the show, it was a really well run show for the 4-Hs and the Youth. A lot of new people getting into rabbits and it is always a wonderful thing to see. I remember myself at the age of 16 getting my first angora and all the work that went into them and I learned from some great people about if you want better animals you have to work at it and not be afraid to cull.
On the other hand a lot of people that need to be educated about rabbits. It was so nice to see us Michigan Angora members there to do so about our breeds. Saw some animals that made me think why would an adult sell to a youth and not educate them in the breed. Trying to make a fast dollar isn't the way to do it.
In my mind I'm not there to make a fast dollar off a kid or any person. In my mind if I wont keep it for my breeding program then it goes as a pet to someone or a spinner or other.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bunnies 4 Sale at Michigan State 4-H show

Just thought I would post a fast 4 sale. I will be down at the Michigan State 4-H show this weekend at Michigan State pavilion and will have some bunnies with me 4 sale. They will not be inside do to its a only Youth show. If looking for bunnies come find me I will be at the Michigan Angora Booth. Doing grooming demo on English Angoras.

4 sale: 1 colored (Chinchilla AaB-cchlD-EE) Jr Buck: Lines are GC Star Buck's Green Acers (6 legs 1 BIS REW) x GC Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada (3 legs Sable Point ) Not keeping because its a color that I don't work with. Note: Sold one of the bucks already.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deep Freeze!

Star Buck's Rabbitry is down in the deep freeze! I, think much of the upper Midwest is have cold temp. Last night it got down to 0 and the rabbits where happy there barn is heated so they where like whatever. I am really lucky when I first started out with rabbits I had hutches in the backyard and I can remember the times trying to get water bottles in the house into the sink and feed and try to breed rabbits so I could have babies. Those days have come and gone and know I have a building with lights and heat that makes it super nice.
The keeper(me) on the other had a to run to the barn because it was so darn cold.
Have some wonderful baby bunnies right know. I have to really cute chin bucks and a little black buck that look just like there daddy. All 4 does just want to fall out of the cage to be loved on. To bad they don't stay small then they grow up and then you really have to take care of them. Going to be a nice batch of babies to show through the fall show season.
As I sit here and think of spring when it comes to my area and the wonderful things it brings, working out in the flower beds and putting a vegetable garden in behind the rabbit barn and thinking of getting a few chickens so I can have fresh home grown eggs. Just makes me happy to be in the world and to have good friends and family.