Thursday, April 24, 2008

New pix of Isabella

I thought post a new pix of Star Buck's Miss Isabella. She is becoming a little hot number. Time will tell, but the wool that is coming onto her already for 3 months would make you go wow. Her body type is nothen short of what i like to see and that is a wide shoulder and a smooth back side all the way to the table. :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Spring is here and and full swing. Its not fair where my mom leaves she is already planthing her vegetable garden. :-( We haven't even thought of that yet.
Then really nothing to report not doing to many shows these summer. I do have one in June that I have been asked to go to. If it way to hot i'm not going and its a night show witch you don't have to be there till 5pm. I need to have the bunnies tattoed and such before then.
My Himalyans are coming on really nice. My babies that where born in Feb are almost white and looking really nice. I have a doe that I have high hope for she has a really high egg marking and really nice boots with the fur. She gets low low low low. With her apple bottom jeans on. LOL I just had to through that in there.
Did do all my junior breeding these pass weekend so I hope to have some babies at the end of the month. :-) I'm hoping to do well these year at Convention.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

baby pix!

I thought I would post some baby pics of the babies. :-) First pix is of Star buck's Isabella, she is 2 months old. So far has a body on her will see how she grows up. Star bucks Devil Wear Prada, aka: Prada is a Sable pearl doe and has a little sister that looks just like her and her name is Star Buck's House of Star aka Star, Sable pearl also.

Here comes the boys, Star Buck's Timberland (Lilac Tort buck) and fallowed by his brother Star Buck's Coach (Black tort buck) They do have a little brother that i haven't come up with a name yet.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Just thought I would add some new pix of the babies. Ricki (REW) litter is down to 2 babies. Don't know what happend to it. I think someone came in a took it. :-( Know the rabbits are really under lock and key anymore. One is a doe and the other one is a buck. :-) Then Tiger lily (black tort) rainbow litter so far that I can tell Black tort and Lilac tort are bucks and the 1 big sable pearl is a doe and the Chocoalte tort and other Sable pearl no clue yet. There the little ones of the litter.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Is here !

Hello everyone, had a show these pass weekend in Lapper Michigan. I had a really good time with some really good friends. Token wooler of the group I hang around with at the shows. They have Havanas and Himalayans. So I do stick out and people ask is that a dog or is that a rabbit or is that alot of work to groom. LOL
I have one coming up these weekend in Evart Michigan and Open doesn't have to be there till Noon. :-) Once again I will be the only person there. Where are all the EA people at.
Silvertone Ricki Lake babies are getting big all 3 of them. There eyes have open and there running around there nest box. They will soon be with there loving mother out in the rabbit room. My house can smell right again. :-) Tiger Lily babies are just really cute there 5 of them 1 Black Tort, 1 Blue Tort, 1 Lilac Tort and 2 Sable Pearls or Sable Points in other breeds. I got the rainbow in these litter of colors.
I'm hoping to do my junior breeding next week. Going to spick the girls water bottle with apple cider vineger again. I'm going to be breeding my Broken Fawn doe (Daisy) again and TM's Venus for the first time.