Friday, February 29, 2008

2008 Spring Convention

Today is the day that I leave for Spring Convention in Lansing. :-) Wish us luck and the bunny!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Little ones!

I thought I would take a few pics of the childeren. The Himilyans where born on Feb 6th and the little EA was born on Feb 8th. My Broken EA decided to sit on the other 2 so I saved the one baby that was still alive and gave it to my Himilyan doe to take care of. She has turned out to be a really great mother. Can you tell who doesn't belong here. Also can tel that my himilyans got really frosted when they where born. Even with the heat on out there there its still cold. Me think the little baby is a Fawn. Its what you cann a dirty Fawn it has a little smoot on the nose but you know what this long into the game not going to hate the little cute thing. Know just have to wait and see if its a doe or buck. Its really cute loves to pee on me when i pick it up.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Winter is a bad thing! :-)

I thought I come out and say it know. Winter sucks trying to breed rabbits and have babies not the best of times. All I have to show for the hard work is one baby EA , but a good note is that I got the girls re bred and hoping for some more babies again. My Himilyan doe is taken care of the one EA baby and her 4 littles ones. :-) So other than that Spring Convention is in 1.5 weeks I ready to go its been a long winter time to see the bunny people again. Tm's Venus is looking really nice I hope she does well at the show.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Babies! Babies!

Wonderful new, Sliverstone Avalance is a father of 3 babies. My doe Star Buck Daisy (Broken Fawn) doe had a litter of 3 Friday morning her and I pulled an all nighter waiting for babies. I started my watch at 10pm Thursday night and I didn't go to bed till 3am the next morning. What we do when we want babies. :-) All the babies are showable so far didn't get any Broken but I have Senior for ARBA Convention in KY. My other two does one had babies but she didn't pull wool for them and I didn't catch her and my other doe didn't have babies at all. So they will be going to see Mr Avalance again really soon in a few weeks, need some more Seniors to play hard ball with the big girls at Convention.