Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In The Garden

I haven't posted anything in awhile. I thought I would post some pix of my yard. First pix are of the pond that I put in last year well the water bug got me again and I added on a stream to it. I wish the water moved alittl faster maybe I need to add a larger pump. Still need to take out the lawn around it and add some more plants. I have about 8 gold fish swimming around in there and there doing really well, surprise nothing and come along and eaten them. I would like to add 2 koi to the group but there so much money.

Here is the hangging basket that is on my front porch. I forget the name of the plant but the flower are really cool remind you of the pink panther. LOL

Friday, June 6, 2008

Many ways to keep babies.

I just thought I would post a pix of how I keep my babies. I started making all wire nest boxes and I love them. You just have to zip tie them down when you place them in with the does so they don't flip them. so easy to clean just take out the cardboard and place new in. There newspaper on the bottom and I just have to change that out and it keeps the babies dry so they aren't wet from going to the bathroom. I also just place them inside of a plastic tub and it keeps any straw from flying all over.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

4- Sale at Convention....

I will have 2 rabbits for sale at Convetion. Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada ( Sable Pearl doe) and Star Bucks Timber Land ( Blue Tort Buck). Sir and dam are: Silvertone Avalanche 2007 ARBA Convention BOSB and Shepherds TigerLily.

Going to be Hot shoots for Convention!

Thought I would post some pix of my Seniors for Convention. There getting so big, just stated to blow there coats out once a week. 1st pix is Star Bucks Coach, all I can say is what a buck! Very nice typ and I think he is going to have a doe coat on him. Senior does watch out these show season with this buck on the table. His daddy was BOS 2007 ARBA Convention lets see if he can come close to what his father did.
2nd pix is Star Buck's House Of Star. Nice short little doe with a body typ to burn and is a really cool Sable point color. Love these doe alot and I think she will do well for me at Convention.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby bunnies!

To my surprise what do I see with my little eyes. My doe Star Buck's Daisy just gave me 4 big baby bunnies. I didn't think she was bred but OMG she was pulling wool all day long and I didn't think anything of it just though she was bred but I took her out and looked her over and i felt something moving inside of her. I said to myself we are going to give you a box. Know I have 4 baby bunnies. Two of the babies are Chestnuts my fav color and the other two are either Broken Black or Broken Chestnut they have white tummies so its kind of hard to tell. :-) The 2 broken are really nicely marked. I only have 2 juniors to show at Convention but the 2 broken will be going and one maybe both will be 4 sale.