Monday, November 16, 2009

Bunnies 4 Sale....

Just thought I would post a short note. The MSRBA Show is coming up, Dec 5th in East Lansing and I will have a few junior Rew does and buck's 4 sale. Come look for me and you can have a look at them.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

First new babies in the Rabbitry!!!

Just had my first 2 litters of babies in the new barn. :-) GC Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada just had a litter of 4 babies in Nov 12Th. There is 2 REW and 2 Agouti's, looking very nice so far. Then there is Silvertone's Dominique and she had a litter of on Nov 13th and there is 1 REW, 1 Black and 2 Agouti babies. I believe there the Chestnut color. One of the few colors that I just love and haven't had sence I gotten back into English angoras. Most of the good wool and type are either on REW or torts. Like I say its fun to play with color but type and wool is everything if you want to do well and win. The sir of both litters is GC Star Buck's Green Acres. I'm hoping to take some pixs and they are up and growing.
Nothing to much just been busy grooming 1 senior doe and 8 junior REW's that I have that are up and coming. Looking really nice I do have to say body type is spot on and know just waiting for the wonderful wool to start to come in. I'm hoping spring show season will be a fun one.