Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bunnies 4 Sale at Michigan State 4-H show

Just thought I would post a fast 4 sale. I will be down at the Michigan State 4-H show this weekend at Michigan State pavilion and will have some bunnies with me 4 sale. They will not be inside do to its a only Youth show. If looking for bunnies come find me I will be at the Michigan Angora Booth. Doing grooming demo on English Angoras.

4 sale: 1 colored (Chinchilla AaB-cchlD-EE) Jr Buck: Lines are GC Star Buck's Green Acers (6 legs 1 BIS REW) x GC Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada (3 legs Sable Point ) Not keeping because its a color that I don't work with. Mrhoden9@aol.com Note: Sold one of the bucks already.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Deep Freeze!

Star Buck's Rabbitry is down in the deep freeze! I, think much of the upper Midwest is have cold temp. Last night it got down to 0 and the rabbits where happy there barn is heated so they where like whatever. I am really lucky when I first started out with rabbits I had hutches in the backyard and I can remember the times trying to get water bottles in the house into the sink and feed and try to breed rabbits so I could have babies. Those days have come and gone and know I have a building with lights and heat that makes it super nice.
The keeper(me) on the other had a to run to the barn because it was so darn cold.
Have some wonderful baby bunnies right know. I have to really cute chin bucks and a little black buck that look just like there daddy. All 4 does just want to fall out of the cage to be loved on. To bad they don't stay small then they grow up and then you really have to take care of them. Going to be a nice batch of babies to show through the fall show season.
As I sit here and think of spring when it comes to my area and the wonderful things it brings, working out in the flower beds and putting a vegetable garden in behind the rabbit barn and thinking of getting a few chickens so I can have fresh home grown eggs. Just makes me happy to be in the world and to have good friends and family.