Monday, March 30, 2009

Great Show weekend!

I thought I would post a fast note... This pass weekend I won my first All Breed Best In Show. It was with a White Senior Buck. :-) I'm hoping to get a pix of him down soon. Also out East Linda C from NY took a BIS also. Way to go wool!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring as Sprung

Hello everyone

Haven't blogged in awhile and I thought I would post something. :-) Have a lot of up and coming babies. I think there a total of 20 baby English Angoras know. I will have a fun full time picking out the keepers from each litter.
Its kind of funny, I have a litter of 8 and there only 2 does in the whole litter and the rest are bucks. What does one person do with 6 bucks. LOL There mom Silvertone Dominique is doing a bang out job taking care of them. They are started to eat pellets.
Already thinking of my May breeding and crosses that I would like to try and see how they turn out for juniors. Also looking at the bigger pitcher 2010 Convention.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Hey everyone, I haven't had time to post anything new, but I had time this morning. Been waiting for my doe Silvertone Dominique. The very nice black doe from Linda C had 8 babies this morning. I was sweating bullets in wanting them for them to be due before tomorrow before i leave to go to East Lansing MI for MSRBA Spring Convention for the weekend and a Double show. We have a All breed show on Saturday and Angora show on Sunday. Hoping Star Buck's Rabbitry bunnies do well there young but they are nice and coming into there own.