Monday, November 26, 2007

Fall Convention 2007 Has come and gone!

Fall Convention 2007 has come and gone. Had a wonderful time with some great friends and made some new ones along the way. The show was run really well didn't feel like there where 3,300 so rabbits moving across the table. They most of been pushing those judges along really well. :-) My rabbits did really well showing. We walked away with White Sr Doe 1st place, BOV and BOB White Sr Buck 1st BOSV, 2nd place White Sr Doe, 1st Place Colored Jr. doe class. Rabbits did a bang out job. It was kind of fun and kind of a long day. English Angoras where a starting breed witch I like really alot but it makes it for a long day when you have to wait for 4 class at the end. There where alot of really nice rabbits up for 4 class anything with wool lost out to static but that is something that should be over looked. What can you do just go along with it and have a good time. I really think club need to look into doing there 4 classes and 6 classes on the running tables. A person can just place there bunny in on the one side and the judge can pick them up from the other so the exibitor doesn't have to place there hand over to keep the rabbit in the box. Its a dead give away to me when a person has there hand over there rabbit and the judge knows who it is but a judge should be able to put that to the side but some can't.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Xmas is starting to Come early.

My 65 year old Xmas Cactus is starting to bloom its way early but there tuns of buds on it that i will bloom all the way through the holidays.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Fall Convention 5 days away!!!

Sliverstone's Avalanche: His still looking like a hot number and he just keeps coming with that wool. :-)

Will he be the number to beat for BOB?? We can only wait amd see..

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Coming along strong!

This little doe is just coming into her own. Starting to become a big girl in the rabbitry. TM's Venus is going to be a number come this spring.

Fall Convention is next week! :-)

Might as well say winter is here in Michigan. Its cold cold cold here. Been really busy getting ready for the last show of the season coming up. :-) So busy around here with work and school. When and worked on the bunnies some today to get ready for the show.

OMG Silverstones Rickey Lake is a smoking gun right know. She will be 8 month old come December.

Who said you have to be in a 11 month coat to be what the ARBA book calls for. This rabbits coat is even all over and she is round ball of hot wool damn! If I most say so. :-) Also Silverstone Avalanche is still a wool buger. I belive these two are going to have a knock out fight for BOB

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just really a cute doe!

This little black number is hard to get to sit still. She was given to me by a friend. Thank you Cyndi C for a nice doe. I hope she turns out to be a show stopper this spring. EH's Black Velvet.

I was told not to blow out my junior till there around the age of 5 months. Going to try it out on this one and see how I like it.

Star Bucks Daisy All Grown Up!

Here is a pics of Star Bucks's Dasiy all grown up at 9 months old. She just has 10% colore on her. I hope that her babies will have more.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

MSRBC Fall Convention 2007

Michigan Fall Convention is coming up. Its Turkey day weekend on November 24th at the MSU Livestock Pavillon in East Lansing. I'm looking forward to going this is my first show back to active showing and it feels like its all new again. I will be posting pics of the trip as it happens.

Broken English Angoras

Words can't say how much I love Broken English Angoras. I hope they pass them this year for the first showing in 2008 Convention in Louville Kentucky. I know I'm going to do a little work on them and try to get them to where they need tp be. Here is a pic of the doe that is going to start a good thing for me. This pic was taken when she was 11 weeks old and know she is almost 10 month old . So its time for the little lady to become a mother. She is a Broken Fawn! Her name is Star Bucks Daisy.

Xmas Cactus

A lot of people have Xmas Cactus's in there homes but not to many people can get them to the big size, because they think of them coming from the desert and there not a desert plant. They come from South America. My Xmas Cacti is about 67 years old and the lady that gave it to me didn't want it and was just going to let it die. "I was like I will take it!"

The trick that I have found and was told about from a friend that has two of them one plant is in its 80s and the other ones is in its 70s. Is to water it once a week and they like to go outdoors in the summer month in a nice partly shady area and bring them back and place them in a East facing window for the fall and winter time. The trick to get it to bloom for the holidays is to stop watering it all together in October and then restart to water it in November once a week and just let it have sunlight from the window and keep the room dark at nighttime.