Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Shows Are here!

Summer show season in Michigan is in full swing! Went to a double show this pass saturday for Great Lake Rabbit club. There the club that held the 2007 Convention in Grand Rapids MI. Its time to start to take ice bottles and water bottles and fans with us more and more to the shows. Well Star Buck's Rabbitry did a bang out job. Show A Star Buck's Grace Kelly (sr white doe) won BOB and Star Bucks Bbby Flay ( Jr colored buck) won BOS. Went for 4 class and I don't understand when judges just feel the outside of the coat and keep going. Something isn't right with that. LOL Show B had wonderful Judge Molly Covert! Love the Molly! Star Buck's Grace Kelly walked away with BOB so know givning her 3 legs. BOS was won by my white junior buck. Came to Best 4 class and we had District 8 rep Ronn Mauck. He started on the end with the English Angora and worked his way to the other end. He came back when he was done judging and looked at the English Angora and then went to the mini Satin. I was grabbing my poor friend Jenny arm ( Like come on and give it to the English Angora.) But he went with the mini Satin. Oh well there always next time and I have 2 young girls coming up in the ranks Star Buck's Lady Gaga ( Black doe) and Star Buck's Rachel Ray( white doe). There going to be the big girls to watch out for this fall on 4 class table. I have to say Silvertone Ricki Lake you have given me some of the best animls I have ever had. Star Buck's Green Acers BIS, Star Buck's Ava BIS, Star Buck's Grace Kelly, Star Buck's Rachel Ray and Star Buck's Lady Gaga. There Silvertone Ricki Lake you should be happy and so should your Bunny mother ( Linda C)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is summer really hear!

What about this weather??? It goes from hot to cold to sunny till not so nice out. I wish it would make up its mind. Have a show this weekend I hope it isn't to hot. Need to have the A/c in my car recharged... Will have no worries about the heat then But taking along water bottles and ice bottles just to be on the safe side. Hoping to do well at the show I really don't have to much to show just babies.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My first BIS 2009

I thought I'd post a pic of my BIS buck from Lapper rabbit show from April. He is now cut down and making babies. I can't wait to see what they turn out to be.... Also here is a Pic of his, BIS winning sister. She won her BIS in the Michigan Angora Show in May of 2009. She is now a mother of 3 babies.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Spring Show Season 2009

MSRBA Spring Convention 3/7/09.( Angora show) BOS ( Star Buck's Green Acers)
Lapper Rabbit club 3/28/09 A BOB BIS ( Star Buck's Green Acers) BOS ( Star Buck's Ava
B BOB ( Star Buck's Ava), BOS ( Star Buck's Green Acers)
Oscoda Rabbit club A BOB Best Over All Wool( Star Buck's Ava) BOS ( Star Buck's Green Acers)
B BOB (Star Buck's Ava), BOS ( Star Buck's Green Acers)
Heart Of Michigan 5/19/09 A BOB ( Star Buck's Green Acers , BOS ( Star Buck's Ava)
Saginaw Rabbit club 5/19/09 B BOB ( Star Buck's Ava), BOS ( Star Buck's Green Acers)
Michigan Angora club 5/17/09 BOB, BIS, BIS Over All Wool ( Star Buck's Ava) BOS (Star Buck's Geen Acers
North Central BOB ( Star Buck's Green Acers) BOS ( Star Buck's Ava)
Great Lake Show A BOB, ( Star Buck's Grace Kelly) BOS ( Star Buck's Ramze)
Great Lake Show B BOB, Star Buck's Grace Kelly) BOS (Star Buck's Bobby Flaye)

10 BOB- 11 BOS 1 All Breed Best In Show- 1 Angora Best In Show NARBC 2008/2009