Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow is gone for know.

They snow has melted for awhile. I hope we don't get as much of it again like we have been getting. These old bones don't like shoveling it.
Just been keeping busy with the holiday. My family is in town so its been really nice having them around. :-) Nothing really new with rabbits, there really wet right know from the warm weather oh well you really can't do anything about it just wait till its dry and blow them out. Did do some breeding, I hope they all take. I bred 3 really great girls and I hope I have good luck with babies. Going to breed 2 more does here in a few weeks.
On a good note there are 24 shows in Michigan, sad note none of them have Angoras sanctioned. Going to try to talk to some club sec and see if they will do it for us. Going to try to make it to all 24 shows these season.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its been a long time!

Its been so long sense i posted anything on my blog. LOL Where does the time go. Well I have been busy finishing with college. I'm done with my Associates in applied science. (Culinary art) is what they class that under. Maybe I will become a grand chef. :-)

Haven't been doing much with rabbits really. Our first show starts in January 17th. I hope some Angora people will make it out for it. Its in Mason Michigan and the show room is really nice.

Winter breeding really haven't been going to well. LOL The does are like hell no. We are going to get a 45oF day here these weekend we are going to keep trying them and see what happens. :-) Someone got to give in here soon. LOL

I thought I would post some pix of some up coming Seniors. They will be 6 month here soon! They are from Silvertone Ricki Lake a really outstanding doe. That has the most outstanding baby she is taking care of right know, Star Buck's Grace Kelly who I think is going to be a knock out for the summer shows. Here comes the bunnies as fallowed: Star Buck's Ava, Star Buck's Eve and Star Buck's Gaja Gaboar. I really like all 3 of these girls I'm only going to keep 2 of them so someone will be 4 Sale these spring. Then there is Star Buck's Green Acres. Really nice little outstanding buck.