Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Lakes Show

I had a wonderful time at a well run Great Lake Show this weekend. It was hotter than hell but but my rabbits got through it and where safe. They kept all the wool breeds on the wire bottom coops. We had two really great Judges for Angoras Molly Covert and Ron Riddle. Well let me give yeah the run down. Show A : 1st place Sr colored doe 1st place jr colored doe (BOB,BOV) 2nd place junior colored doe 1st place Jr colored buck (BOS,BOSV) 2nd place junior colored buck. Oh yeah and 1st place Sr white buck and 1st place Sr white doe but they where class filling and not there to win. Show B: 2nd place Sr colored doe 1st place junior colored doe (BOB,BOV) 1st place junior colored buck (BOS, BOSV) same 2 rabbits won and 3rd place junior colored doe and 3rd place junior colored buck.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2008 Convention!!

Its count down time till Convention! We have 1 month and 4 weeks till we all hit the road or skys to go to Convention. Looking forward to a really good time and a nice showing of EA lets top the Angora breeds again with the big number. :-)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Is It All About???

What is it all about??? Its about Angoras and our friendships with everyone! Its not about fighting back and forth with people. Its about showing people Angoras are a wonderful breed to raise. I have had people turn away from the breed due to the fact Angoras have the rep for having mean, nasty people. Is there a truth in that? Oh yeah there some mean people out there in the breed but when it comes down to it every breed has a few that make it bad for the others. Its bad at Convention don't get me wrong your there to do one thing and that is to win. Don't let that get in the way of your friends.
I personally stopped showing because it go so bad in Michigan that it wasn't worth it anymore. Know that it has gotten better and times have changed I have gone back to showing Angoras the breed that I love and care about. I'm here to do one thing and that is to show my rabbits and have a good time making new friends. Hard to do it when you show by yourself half the time. Maybe that love we have for our breed and wanting to do well gets in the way of having good friends that we wont stab in the back or do whatever it takes to win. In the long run is it worth it?? Really come to think about it that Best In Show rabbit might be dead one day and when it comes down to it one day will be the same 6 feet under and in a better place. Do you really want to leave these world mean and nasty.

Thanks Marcus A Rhoden
Star Buck's Rabbitry

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Out And About!

Thought I would post some new pix of the babies. Silvertone Ricki Lake babies are doing wonderful getting bigger and bigger everyday. There here with there mom Himalayan doe 2. There about 3 weeks old and out of the box or more like got kicked out by me. I just have to say Himalayans make the best mothers I think English Angora does could take a lesson from them. You can leave the box in with them and not worry about them sitting on them.

Here some pix of Star Buck's Maximilian and Star Buck's Cosmos. GGrand Mother Star Buck's Elizabeth 9 leg wonder is in there background and was known for her deep wide bottom. Its what I like to see in all my rabbits nice wide bottom all the way to the table.
I'm hoping the Broken pass at Convention these year!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Where your Head at!

I went out at 5:00am these morning to do my grooming. When you don't have a/c in the rabbitry you have to take the time and try not to groom anyone during the daytime. Its very nice and cool at that time in the morning. Also did the rest of the cages that needed to be cleaned. It was just really nice to spend sometime with the bunnies.

The reason for the Title for these post is do to the fact you can't find Star Buck's Coach face. His becoming a big boy so fast and he is starting to put on the coat. :-) He looks like his father Silvertone Avalanche. I do belive I will be keeping him and he will be my colored herd buck when he becomes older. :-)