Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mid Michigan Show A&B

Went to a show this pass weekend. It was put on by the Mid Michigan Club. It was a really nice show. My friend Gina Cook came up from IN to show with me we had a ball together. Don't let Gina near carring cages she will fall on them. :-) Love you Gina!
Bad turn out for rabbits I think all together that had in each show a little over 300 bunnies. Where was everyone?!?!

Show A:
Star Buck's Terra BOB,BOV
Star Buck's Thunder Dome BOS,BOSV
1st place Junior White doe Star Buck's Madea
Star Buck's Nate King Cole BOV
Star Buck's Rehana BOSV

Show B:
Star Buck's Terra BOB,BOV
Star Buck's Nate King Cole BOS, BOSV
1st Place Junior White doe Star Buck's Madea
Star Buck's Thunder Dome BOSV
Star Buck's Rehana BOV

Star Buck's Terra was right up there in pick for 4 class. English Angoras have come along way here in Michigan becoming contenders for 4 class and Best In Shows.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Osceola Show A & B

Went up to Evart MI this pass weekend for a rabbit show. Wonderful time by all. I had a bast driving up with my friend Rena and Kathy and her son Brandon, who won his first Best of Breed Mini Rex in Youth.
We set up our Angora Camp out door. It was cold in the early morning. There was no room for grooming table and chairs and for good reason people where taking up to much room and they had to make people stack there cages. So the rabbits liked the fresh air and sunshine we had yesterday. Ron Coldwell , Deb Syder and group and myself where there with English angoras and Deb had her French Angoras. It was a really well run show and we where done by 5pm.

Show A Judge John Soper:

Star Buck's Terra 1st place Senior doe white BOB,BOV Leg
Star Buck's Thunder Dome 1st place Senior white buck BOS, BOSV
Star Buck's Paparazzi 2nd place Senior white doe
Out for the first time showing: Star Bucks Madea 1st place junior white doe
Star Buck's Reana 1st place junior colored doe BOSV
Star buck's Nate King Kool 1st place junior colored buck BOV

Show B Judge Chuck Pelam:

Rabbits place the same in the 2nd show.

Won Double Best 4 class with Star Buck's Terra Senior White doe

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

South Central & Central Michigan

Had a show this pass weekend. It was the South Central and Central Michigan show. Had a wonderful time. I was the only person there with Angoras. What is wrong with that people! :-)

South Central show. Judge : John Rickter

BOB,BOV Star Buck's Terra
2nd Place Star Buck's Kathrin H
BOS, BOSV Star Buck's Mad Max
2nd place Star Buck's Thunder Dome

Central Michigan Show. Judge: Molly Covert

BOB, BOV Star Buck's Terra
2nd place Star Buck's Kathrin H
BOS, BOSv Star Buck's Thunder Dome
2nd Place Star Buck's Mad Max

Also to note! I will be giving a Demo on English Angoras at Mid Michigan Show April 24th in Hasting Mi at the Berry Co Expo center. Youth are more than welcome to come and get a hands on with the English angora breed to see if you have the time to want to raise and groom them.