Sunday, December 28, 2008

Snow is gone for know.

They snow has melted for awhile. I hope we don't get as much of it again like we have been getting. These old bones don't like shoveling it.
Just been keeping busy with the holiday. My family is in town so its been really nice having them around. :-) Nothing really new with rabbits, there really wet right know from the warm weather oh well you really can't do anything about it just wait till its dry and blow them out. Did do some breeding, I hope they all take. I bred 3 really great girls and I hope I have good luck with babies. Going to breed 2 more does here in a few weeks.
On a good note there are 24 shows in Michigan, sad note none of them have Angoras sanctioned. Going to try to talk to some club sec and see if they will do it for us. Going to try to make it to all 24 shows these season.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Its been a long time!

Its been so long sense i posted anything on my blog. LOL Where does the time go. Well I have been busy finishing with college. I'm done with my Associates in applied science. (Culinary art) is what they class that under. Maybe I will become a grand chef. :-)

Haven't been doing much with rabbits really. Our first show starts in January 17th. I hope some Angora people will make it out for it. Its in Mason Michigan and the show room is really nice.

Winter breeding really haven't been going to well. LOL The does are like hell no. We are going to get a 45oF day here these weekend we are going to keep trying them and see what happens. :-) Someone got to give in here soon. LOL

I thought I would post some pix of some up coming Seniors. They will be 6 month here soon! They are from Silvertone Ricki Lake a really outstanding doe. That has the most outstanding baby she is taking care of right know, Star Buck's Grace Kelly who I think is going to be a knock out for the summer shows. Here comes the bunnies as fallowed: Star Buck's Ava, Star Buck's Eve and Star Buck's Gaja Gaboar. I really like all 3 of these girls I'm only going to keep 2 of them so someone will be 4 Sale these spring. Then there is Star Buck's Green Acres. Really nice little outstanding buck.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Show Time!

Michigan had one of its first shows back after a break from Covention. It was a Doule show put on by South Central and Central Michigan... I thought my rabbits did alright, Central: 1st place junior white buck, 2nd ,3rd and 4th place junior white does, Ron coldwell had a really nice junior doe. :-) 1st place Sr Colored doe BOV. South Central show: 1st place junior white buck (Star Buck's Green Acers), 1st, 2nd and 3rd place junior white does (Star Buck's Gaja,Eva & Ava Gaboar sisters). Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada walked away with BOB and BOV making here know a Granded rabbit. Sh was given a very hard look for Best 4 class but the static got the best of her but I have been told how to fix that for next time. :-) Time will come soon to cut her down and make wonderful babies from her.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baby Update!

Just thought I come post something on the blog. I just had 2 litters of babies due to me these week. Tm's Venus 3 REW babies and Star Buck's Isabella had a litter of 4 babies 2 REW and I think the other 2 are going to be either some kind of torts or Fawn there only 2 days old. The sir to both litters was Silvertone Avalanche that is know living out East with my friend Collin B in up state New York. :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008

2008 Convention Over!

Hello everyone! Been home from Convention trying to catch up. I had a really good time seening old friends and chatting and making new friends. It was a wonderful time. Came home with a hitch hicker. Silvertone Dminique... I don't care for the black color but the rabbits color is really nice and deep and has wonderful wool and typ. Looking forward to adding her to the breeding program...

She is half sister to Slivertone Rici Lak. Also came home with a new buck from Collin Burns (blue tort) His nane is Countryside Magnum.

Friday, October 17, 2008

OFF to ARBA Convention 2008

Its almost time to pack the car and head to KY for the ARBA Convention. Looking forward to the trip and the time with people. :-) Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada is looking forward to having a good old Southern time. :-) She is a young Senior colored doe but what. She a nice round ball all wool. I hope she places up in the top of the class.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Convention 2008 :-)

The smell of the 2008 ARBA Convention is in the air. I just been getting a face of corn starch and wool in the face. LOL I will make sure i have pix posted of the trip down and there. I haven't shown at a Convention since Peoria IL and had a blast there. I hope to have a funner time with all you fab people. :-)
Just got moved into my new house. :-) I had to have the rabbits put away and make sure they liked there new home. :-) I think they do and it will be soon come down to the time to do some breeding.

See yeah

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mid Michigan Show weekend!

Hello thought I would come post my winning on my blog. Had a Double show to go to these weekend. There where 7 English Angoras shown and there where 17 French Angoras shown and I do think there where 7 Satin Angoras there also. We had a really nice turn out for Open. Youth there wasn't any for.
Mid Michigan Show A: BOB, BOV (leg) Jr Colored Buck ( Star Buck's Coach) BOS, BOSV Jr Colored doe ( Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada) 2nd place Jr Colored buck ( Star Buck's Timberland) 2nd place Jr Colored doe ( Star Buck's House of Star) 1st place Sr Colored doe ( Isabella)
Mid Michigan Show B: BOB, BOV (leg) Jr Colored Doe ( Star Buck's House of Star) BOS, BOSV Jr Colored Buck ( Star Buck's Coach. 1st place Colored Sr Doe Star Buck's (Isabella)

Monday, September 1, 2008

4- Sale Bunnies ARBA Convention

Just thought I would post an e-mail really fast. I have a few bunnies 4-sale:

Star Buck's Timberland: Lilac tort will be a Senior at Convention. I Love the silkey wool and the density coming in on these buck he is just a slow bloomer to put it on but the past few months its been a change. He has really nice typ, nice HQ and is midsection is alittle longer but keep him with a short doe that has a really nice HQ and short Midsection and he could make some knock out babies. Sir: Silvertone Avalanche (2007 ARBA Convention BOS,BOSV White) X Dam:Shepards Tiger Lily(black Tort) (Price : $175.00 and that stands)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Great Lakes Show

I had a wonderful time at a well run Great Lake Show this weekend. It was hotter than hell but but my rabbits got through it and where safe. They kept all the wool breeds on the wire bottom coops. We had two really great Judges for Angoras Molly Covert and Ron Riddle. Well let me give yeah the run down. Show A : 1st place Sr colored doe 1st place jr colored doe (BOB,BOV) 2nd place junior colored doe 1st place Jr colored buck (BOS,BOSV) 2nd place junior colored buck. Oh yeah and 1st place Sr white buck and 1st place Sr white doe but they where class filling and not there to win. Show B: 2nd place Sr colored doe 1st place junior colored doe (BOB,BOV) 1st place junior colored buck (BOS, BOSV) same 2 rabbits won and 3rd place junior colored doe and 3rd place junior colored buck.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2008 Convention!!

Its count down time till Convention! We have 1 month and 4 weeks till we all hit the road or skys to go to Convention. Looking forward to a really good time and a nice showing of EA lets top the Angora breeds again with the big number. :-)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

What Is It All About???

What is it all about??? Its about Angoras and our friendships with everyone! Its not about fighting back and forth with people. Its about showing people Angoras are a wonderful breed to raise. I have had people turn away from the breed due to the fact Angoras have the rep for having mean, nasty people. Is there a truth in that? Oh yeah there some mean people out there in the breed but when it comes down to it every breed has a few that make it bad for the others. Its bad at Convention don't get me wrong your there to do one thing and that is to win. Don't let that get in the way of your friends.
I personally stopped showing because it go so bad in Michigan that it wasn't worth it anymore. Know that it has gotten better and times have changed I have gone back to showing Angoras the breed that I love and care about. I'm here to do one thing and that is to show my rabbits and have a good time making new friends. Hard to do it when you show by yourself half the time. Maybe that love we have for our breed and wanting to do well gets in the way of having good friends that we wont stab in the back or do whatever it takes to win. In the long run is it worth it?? Really come to think about it that Best In Show rabbit might be dead one day and when it comes down to it one day will be the same 6 feet under and in a better place. Do you really want to leave these world mean and nasty.

Thanks Marcus A Rhoden
Star Buck's Rabbitry

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Out And About!

Thought I would post some new pix of the babies. Silvertone Ricki Lake babies are doing wonderful getting bigger and bigger everyday. There here with there mom Himalayan doe 2. There about 3 weeks old and out of the box or more like got kicked out by me. I just have to say Himalayans make the best mothers I think English Angora does could take a lesson from them. You can leave the box in with them and not worry about them sitting on them.

Here some pix of Star Buck's Maximilian and Star Buck's Cosmos. GGrand Mother Star Buck's Elizabeth 9 leg wonder is in there background and was known for her deep wide bottom. Its what I like to see in all my rabbits nice wide bottom all the way to the table.
I'm hoping the Broken pass at Convention these year!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Where your Head at!

I went out at 5:00am these morning to do my grooming. When you don't have a/c in the rabbitry you have to take the time and try not to groom anyone during the daytime. Its very nice and cool at that time in the morning. Also did the rest of the cages that needed to be cleaned. It was just really nice to spend sometime with the bunnies.

The reason for the Title for these post is do to the fact you can't find Star Buck's Coach face. His becoming a big boy so fast and he is starting to put on the coat. :-) He looks like his father Silvertone Avalanche. I do belive I will be keeping him and he will be my colored herd buck when he becomes older. :-)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

To Hot!

Its a nother wonderful day here in Michigan of hot weather! Trying to keep the bunnies cool hasn't been easy. Went through and checked Silvertone Rici Lake babies and I have 3 does and 1 buck. :-)

Friday, July 25, 2008

So cute!

I thought I would post some new pix. The first one is my litter of 4 English Angora babies and 1 Himalayan baby. You know how I love REW English Angoras. Nothing more catches the eye than a White EA all groomed out to the 9ns. I was getting sick of all colored rabbits here and really wanted some white babies. :-) White is my fav color. Here a really cute pix that I had to take of Star Buck's Lady Bunny. She sitting there and saying don't mess with me its to hot and I'm trying to keep cool.

Been a long time!

Hello I thought I would post something really fast. Summer is starting to slow down and starting to think of fall shows. :-) Just think Convention is only 2 month away know July is almost over. LOL On a happy note I have babies out of my doe Silvertone Rici Lake, its about she has some babies. I have a himalyan taking care of them and there almost going to be 2 weeks old. Waiting on my doe Tiger Lilie to have her litter if she is going to have them. She made what I guess you could call a nest. LOL Chat with everyone later.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Out in the Garden IIII

I have more pix to post. Giving the rabbits a break from the camera. :-) Really cool flowers are blooming right know. Dark pink day lily with dark red center and around the tips of the petals are red also. It looks really really cool. :-) Then I went to the garden center got to stop going but the stuff is so cheap right know and its getting cheaper and cheaper. :-) Can we say sale! I found a Tiger Lily and its a Yellow one looks really cool.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

2008 ARBA Convention Count down!

Lets just say here 2 months and 3 weeks till ARBA Convention. I just would like to say summer is almost over already. LOL Going to order my Convention Catalog these week. :-)

Out in the Garden III

Yeah its me again posting pix of the daylilies. :-) I had my Double Daylili blooming today. I was wondering where I had planted it last year. :-) I really do like these yellow and green looking one that I got these year from a friend that didn't want it anymore.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Time to move out on there own!

Just thought I would post some pix of my so cute babies. They just got taken away from mom today. I think she is happy again. LOL :-) I think I'm going to name them buck 1# ( Star Buck's Cosmo, Buck 2# Star Buck's Maximilian (Broken Chestnut) and Star Buck's Lady Bunny (Chestnut doe).

Out in the Garden II

Thought I would come post some more pix of my wonderful daylilies. There start to bloom really nice. They come in so many wonderful shapes and colors from small to large. I have yet to see my Double blooming daylilies these year there somewhere out in beds somewhere. On a funny note the goldfish in the pond these morning where spawning. :-) I can get fish to spawn really easy what is up with the rabbits. LOL

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Out in the Garden.

I hate the heat of summer but I love when all the flowers start to bloom and wonderful colors it brings to the yard. Daylilies are one of my fav flowers. I wish the flower beds where grown in more I have more color longer.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Fire works tonight!

Happy 4th of July.... :-) Star Buck's Miss Isabella

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Just thought I wish everyone a Happy 4th of July. Going to be giving the bunnies some extra care that night of staw in there cages. I'm not even 5 min away from where they shoot the fire works off at. :-) Thought i would post some pix of my other 2 will be seniors for Convention. 1st pix is of Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada (Sable Pearl). I thought she wasn't going to amount to anything but she is becoming a big girl fast. Love the typ on her and the wool is coming in really nice already nice and thick. She wont be short of denisty. Then there is Star Buck's Timberland really nice Blue tort buck, I don't care for the coat at these time he could us alot more denisty but boys seem to get left in the deparment when it comes to that in English Angoras. Time will tell his brother Star Buck's Coach is really turning out nice.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Just thought i would post some pic of the babies. There about 4 weeks old on Sunday and there just so cute. Soon it will be time to leave mom and move out on there own. There out of my Broken Fawn doe Daisy. The two brokens are Bucks and the other one is a doe. As time goes on for sure one of the boies will be 4-sale at Convention.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

In The Garden

I haven't posted anything in awhile. I thought I would post some pix of my yard. First pix are of the pond that I put in last year well the water bug got me again and I added on a stream to it. I wish the water moved alittl faster maybe I need to add a larger pump. Still need to take out the lawn around it and add some more plants. I have about 8 gold fish swimming around in there and there doing really well, surprise nothing and come along and eaten them. I would like to add 2 koi to the group but there so much money.

Here is the hangging basket that is on my front porch. I forget the name of the plant but the flower are really cool remind you of the pink panther. LOL

Friday, June 6, 2008

Many ways to keep babies.

I just thought I would post a pix of how I keep my babies. I started making all wire nest boxes and I love them. You just have to zip tie them down when you place them in with the does so they don't flip them. so easy to clean just take out the cardboard and place new in. There newspaper on the bottom and I just have to change that out and it keeps the babies dry so they aren't wet from going to the bathroom. I also just place them inside of a plastic tub and it keeps any straw from flying all over.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

4- Sale at Convention....

I will have 2 rabbits for sale at Convetion. Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada ( Sable Pearl doe) and Star Bucks Timber Land ( Blue Tort Buck). Sir and dam are: Silvertone Avalanche 2007 ARBA Convention BOSB and Shepherds TigerLily.

Going to be Hot shoots for Convention!

Thought I would post some pix of my Seniors for Convention. There getting so big, just stated to blow there coats out once a week. 1st pix is Star Bucks Coach, all I can say is what a buck! Very nice typ and I think he is going to have a doe coat on him. Senior does watch out these show season with this buck on the table. His daddy was BOS 2007 ARBA Convention lets see if he can come close to what his father did.
2nd pix is Star Buck's House Of Star. Nice short little doe with a body typ to burn and is a really cool Sable point color. Love these doe alot and I think she will do well for me at Convention.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby bunnies!

To my surprise what do I see with my little eyes. My doe Star Buck's Daisy just gave me 4 big baby bunnies. I didn't think she was bred but OMG she was pulling wool all day long and I didn't think anything of it just though she was bred but I took her out and looked her over and i felt something moving inside of her. I said to myself we are going to give you a box. Know I have 4 baby bunnies. Two of the babies are Chestnuts my fav color and the other two are either Broken Black or Broken Chestnut they have white tummies so its kind of hard to tell. :-) The 2 broken are really nicely marked. I only have 2 juniors to show at Convention but the 2 broken will be going and one maybe both will be 4 sale.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Star Buck's Miss Isabella

Thought I post a pix of Star Buck's Miss Isabella. She has 2 BOB, BOV 2 legs took them as a junior. She has a lot of wool on her little body. Her mother Star Buck's Daisy ( Broken Fawn) She is bred and hope they are as nice as these one. They grow up so fast from the time there little pink babies born and then you have to really take care of them. The first pix is fuzzy and well she just to cute for pix anyways.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

North Central Show weekend May 24,2008

Went to a show this weekend, need to get the bunnies out and about. I don't want there first show to be Convention and the freak out and chew there coats. It was a really small well run show, we judge right away at 9 Am for show A and show B was at 1:30. Can you say gas prices have heat a new high $4.29 a gallon. The show wasn't even 30min from my house thank god!

Show A Judge Mike Adams: Did a great job I was surprise not to many judges take the time to blow into an EA coat he got a gold star in my book.
BOB, BOV Star Buck's Miss Isabella (Leg)
BOS, BOSV Star Buck's Coach
2nd Place Jr D Star Buck's House of Star
3rd Place Jr D Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada
2nd Place Jr B Star Buck's Timbarland
3rd Place Jr B Loui Vaton

Show B Judge Brenda Dumas: She told me "nice to see you back with nice animals in the state again". :-) Thank you Linda C , Dru S and Margaret B
BOB, BOV Star Buck's Miss Isabella (Leg)
BOS BOSV Star Buck's Coach
same placing for the other bunnies.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Where my Boys at and Grils at.

My 2 Lilac Tort and Black Tort are nothen short but cute. They need to start getting some wool so I have something to do. I'm bored just petting them and loving them. Here are 3 pix of Star Buck's House of Star (AKA Star) she is stuffing her face right know, Star Buck's Timberland, drinking water and Star Buck's Coach. That is one hell of a face on him. Need to re due Star Bucks Devil Wear Prada pix tomorrow.

Little Louie come along way.

My little runt of of my litter of 5 has come along way. Star bucks Louie Vaton has come along way from being a little runt to making it to 6 weeks and know going to be 2 month soon. His nothen but a cute little boy.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New pix of Isabella

I thought post a new pix of Star Buck's Miss Isabella. She is becoming a little hot number. Time will tell, but the wool that is coming onto her already for 3 months would make you go wow. Her body type is nothen short of what i like to see and that is a wide shoulder and a smooth back side all the way to the table. :-)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Spring is here and and full swing. Its not fair where my mom leaves she is already planthing her vegetable garden. :-( We haven't even thought of that yet.
Then really nothing to report not doing to many shows these summer. I do have one in June that I have been asked to go to. If it way to hot i'm not going and its a night show witch you don't have to be there till 5pm. I need to have the bunnies tattoed and such before then.
My Himalyans are coming on really nice. My babies that where born in Feb are almost white and looking really nice. I have a doe that I have high hope for she has a really high egg marking and really nice boots with the fur. She gets low low low low. With her apple bottom jeans on. LOL I just had to through that in there.
Did do all my junior breeding these pass weekend so I hope to have some babies at the end of the month. :-) I'm hoping to do well these year at Convention.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

baby pix!

I thought I would post some baby pics of the babies. :-) First pix is of Star buck's Isabella, she is 2 months old. So far has a body on her will see how she grows up. Star bucks Devil Wear Prada, aka: Prada is a Sable pearl doe and has a little sister that looks just like her and her name is Star Buck's House of Star aka Star, Sable pearl also.

Here comes the boys, Star Buck's Timberland (Lilac Tort buck) and fallowed by his brother Star Buck's Coach (Black tort buck) They do have a little brother that i haven't come up with a name yet.