Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ground Breaking!

Yesterday was the day we broke ground on the new rabbit barn. :-) Its going to be a 10ft by 12ft barn with a gable vent and 2 on each side 3ft by 6ft vent running the sides for good air movement. This will give the rabbits a nice view of the outdoors and the flower beds that are going around the outside of the barn.
We started the holes yesterday but it started to rain and the other half had hit a root with the post hole digger and said "I'm done for know lets take a break". So hoping to have it all done today if everything goes well. I will have to take pics as it coming along.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

NARBC 2008-2009 Sweep year

NARBC sweet year has ended and know its time to start all over again. I thought I did really well for getting my feet wet back into showing English Angoras.
I was 12th place in the country with 1041.5 points in English Angoras and English wool I was 6th place with 88 points. That isn't bad at all for not showing very much. The rabbits have 13 BOB, 10 BOS and 2 Best In Shows for season 2008-2009. I don't know how mant GC I have to turn in and BIS I need to turn in.
They have done me well lets see if we can top it for next year. The New sweep year has started! Also right know i'm in the MSRBA club i'm ranked 23rd place in all breed points trying to beat my rank last year of 25th place, it doesn't end til out fall Convention in December. It can be hard when you don't have very many people to show with.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall 2009 show season.

Thought I would post the rest pics of the bunnies. 1st is a little Star Buck's( yet to be named) (black tort) jr buck colored. I thought he was going to be super long in type but has he done a change on me to a really nice short little guy. I think he is going to have some really nice wool coming in. Sir: Countryside Magnum x Shepherd's TigerLily. 2nd Is Star Buck's Louis Armstrong Blue Jr colored buck that I kept back. First of I would like to say this isn't a color that I would keep. There can be so many problems with the nails. Well he has really dark nails and has really nice type and has really nice wool coming in. I will be keeping my eye on him to see how he turns out. Sir: Countryside Magnum x Silvertone Dominique. 3rd is Star Buck's ( yet to be named) Jr( Black tort) colored doe. Just a very cute little girl coming up has really nice short type and a sweetie pie to work with. Sir: Countryside Magnum x Shepherd's Tigerlily.
Also I have 9 REW babies, that are just going on 6 weeks soon. Really a cute batch of babies there mother Silvertone Ricki Lake and Star Buck's Ava are getting sick of living with them time for them to move on out.

Fall Show Team: 2009

From the top: Star Buck's Bobby Flaye (Blue tort) Sr colored buck, has 2 legs to his name very nice typed and really has nice dence wool for a buck. Sir: Countryside Magnum x GC Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada. 2nd is Star Buck's Gadae. (blue tort Sr colored doe has 2 legs to her name very nice typed doe has very nice wool still very young. Sir: Countryside Magnum x GC Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada. 3rd is a little doe that I really like alot, Star Buck's Ela Fitz, (black tort jr doe, never liked the color but she has really nice type and I love the wool that is coming in on her. Sir Countryside Magnum x Damn: Silvertone Domimque. 4th is Star Buck's Lady Gaga( Black Sr colored doe, 2 legs to her name nothing short of a nice little doe, another color that I don't care for but I wouldn't be keeping her around if she didn't have great type and outstanding wool it just keeps on growing and has really great density starting to build. Sir: GC Star Buck's Coach x Damn: Silvertone Ricki Lake. 5th is Star Buck's Rachel Ray ( White Sr doe, that is nothing but short and sweet, she has 1 leg to her name but I think she will have more by the time 2009 fall show season is said and done. She is short and sweet with that body type and she is very dence. Sir: GC Star Buck's Coach x Silvertone Ricki Lake. Lady Gaga and her are out of the same litter. They have an 2 older sister that have done really well for me and very happy with GC Star Buck's Grace Kelly, GC Star Buck's Ava Angora BIS and there brother Star Buck's Green Acers with my first All Breed Best In Show of 2009.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fall show season starts soon.

Haven't posted any pic's of rabbits in awhile. I haven't had a camera since it was taken from my house when i was broken into. So I got one from a friend and thought I'd go buck wild and take some pic's of some of the up and coming ladies and genital men I have been working with for the fall show season.
Here is Sr white doe, Star Buck's Grace Kelly, sir: Silvetone Avalanche (2007 ARBA Conv BOS) dam: SilvertoneRicki Lake (BOB MSRBA Conv) she has had very little showing due to the fact she doesn't like the heat really well. She been chilling out in the house in the basement for the summer to beat the heat. She will be coming out for a 3 show weekend this fall and then her coat will come off. 1st place jr white doe (Leg) Michigan State Rabbit club all breed show, 1st place Sr white doe Great Lake show A BOB, BOV (Leg), 1st place Sr white doe Great Lake show B BOB, BOV (Leg) She has 2 litte sister that are going to be kncok outs.