Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is there anything new!

There not to much new to report. Didn't lose ( work at Delphi) my job, I still have it my hours where cut down to 6 hours a week. Some is better than none. But looking for a new job, never going to stop looking there out there.
On the bunny front not to much is going on. The babies are getting ever so big and cute right know 5 weeks. Its funny when they all try to sit on top of there mom in the cage. :-) awwww. My othere juniors from the doing good they will be 4 month in March. There going from that baby coat to that junior coat. They have been finding out what the blower is all about and soon going to find out what a tattoo feels like. :-( There owner is going to find out what another one feels like here soon. I love getting inked!
My Seniors are out there, just starting to really bloom and come into there own. Next weekend in the MSRBA Spring Convention at Michigan State. Should be alot of fun and there an Angora show on Sunday.