Monday, February 1, 2010

Michigan 4 H Show

Went to the Michigan State 4-H show these pass weekend. Thoughts about the show, it was a really well run show for the 4-Hs and the Youth. A lot of new people getting into rabbits and it is always a wonderful thing to see. I remember myself at the age of 16 getting my first angora and all the work that went into them and I learned from some great people about if you want better animals you have to work at it and not be afraid to cull.
On the other hand a lot of people that need to be educated about rabbits. It was so nice to see us Michigan Angora members there to do so about our breeds. Saw some animals that made me think why would an adult sell to a youth and not educate them in the breed. Trying to make a fast dollar isn't the way to do it.
In my mind I'm not there to make a fast dollar off a kid or any person. In my mind if I wont keep it for my breeding program then it goes as a pet to someone or a spinner or other.