Saturday, September 27, 2008

Convention 2008 :-)

The smell of the 2008 ARBA Convention is in the air. I just been getting a face of corn starch and wool in the face. LOL I will make sure i have pix posted of the trip down and there. I haven't shown at a Convention since Peoria IL and had a blast there. I hope to have a funner time with all you fab people. :-)
Just got moved into my new house. :-) I had to have the rabbits put away and make sure they liked there new home. :-) I think they do and it will be soon come down to the time to do some breeding.

See yeah

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mid Michigan Show weekend!

Hello thought I would come post my winning on my blog. Had a Double show to go to these weekend. There where 7 English Angoras shown and there where 17 French Angoras shown and I do think there where 7 Satin Angoras there also. We had a really nice turn out for Open. Youth there wasn't any for.
Mid Michigan Show A: BOB, BOV (leg) Jr Colored Buck ( Star Buck's Coach) BOS, BOSV Jr Colored doe ( Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada) 2nd place Jr Colored buck ( Star Buck's Timberland) 2nd place Jr Colored doe ( Star Buck's House of Star) 1st place Sr Colored doe ( Isabella)
Mid Michigan Show B: BOB, BOV (leg) Jr Colored Doe ( Star Buck's House of Star) BOS, BOSV Jr Colored Buck ( Star Buck's Coach. 1st place Colored Sr Doe Star Buck's (Isabella)

Monday, September 1, 2008

4- Sale Bunnies ARBA Convention

Just thought I would post an e-mail really fast. I have a few bunnies 4-sale:

Star Buck's Timberland: Lilac tort will be a Senior at Convention. I Love the silkey wool and the density coming in on these buck he is just a slow bloomer to put it on but the past few months its been a change. He has really nice typ, nice HQ and is midsection is alittle longer but keep him with a short doe that has a really nice HQ and short Midsection and he could make some knock out babies. Sir: Silvertone Avalanche (2007 ARBA Convention BOS,BOSV White) X Dam:Shepards Tiger Lily(black Tort) (Price : $175.00 and that stands)