Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby Bunnies

I didn't posted these just yet but I have 14 new baby bunnies to report. LOL Silvertone Ricki Lake x Star Buck's Coach. On Jan 20th had a litter of 8 together 4 Black and 4 Rew, well one of the little black babies didn't live. :-( So there know 7 babies., Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada x Countrysides Magnum, for her fist time had a litter of 7 babies on Jan 26th. First time mom put them in the nest box. All the babies are Blue tort very cool bunch of babies.
The other 3 does that I bred didn't take. Maybe that was a good thing or I really would be swimming in baby bunnies. LOL I will try to re bred the other 3 does sometime in late end of Feb when it gets a little warmer I hope.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Think your safe in your homes.

Hello Everyone out there. :-) I know these has nothing to do with rabbits but yesterday Jan 27t 2009 I was robbed. You think your safe in your own home but I guess not. Times most be getting hard for people in my area of Saginaw Michigan. Who ever the people where they came through and kicked in my back door to my home. I came home to a house to an open front and my first worry where my rabbits where they ok and the place was trashed. Everything was turned upside down. They taken a flat screen tv, check book and a music insterment. They even tried to get into where I keep the rabbits outside but there alright.
Its just make me so upset people will do these to there people. So times are getting tuff out there for people and its going to keeping going up people breaking into people homes.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

4 Sale

Haven't posted anything in along time been really busy. I have a really nice doe for sale I need to make room have some up and coming babies and litters due.
Shepard's Tiger lily is 4 sale. She is a really nice black tort doe her children are (GC Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada( sable point) she is soon to be a mother) and GC Star Buck's Coach ( Black Tort). Shepard's Tiger Lily is also a carries the sable point gene. I don't need to keep Tiger lily I have her daughter. E-mail me at for more questions.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Up and coming!

Here is my first post for the new year. :-) I thought I take some up and coming pix of the babies from Novembers litters. I think there going to be some outstanding rabbits. The babies are out of Star Buck's Isabella x Silvertone Avalanche. These breeding was a father daughter breeding that I thought turn out really well. There was only 3 babies in the litter 2 REW does, Star Buck's Jackie O , Star Buck's Caroline and the little Fawn buck with the outstanding face Star Buck's Robert Kennedy Jr. Little does he know when he is older his going to have a date with Silvertone Dominique when he becomes older. Really would like some outstanding Chestnuts again. The last lady from Silvertone Ricki Lake x Silvertone Avalanche breeding. So happy to get something out of these cross Star Buck's Grace Kelly. I will have litter due the end of January I will keep yeah posted.