Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lapper Show A & B

Had a wonderful time at Lapper show this pass weekend. The rabbits did well, and we had a good time by all.

Show A:

BOB,BOV Star Buck's Katrhrin H
BOS,BOSV Star Buck's Thunder dome
2nd place White Sr doe Star Buck's Terra
3rd place White Sr doe Papertize
2nd place White Sr Buck Mad Max

Star Buck's Kathrin H also won Group 3 and was one of the rabbits up for Best In Show. Best In Show went to a wonderful looking Havana. There always next time! LOL

Show B:

BOB, BOV Star Buck's Terra
BOS, BOSV Star Buck's Mad Max
2nd place Sr White doe Star Buck's Kathrin H
3rd plcae Sr doe Star Buck's Papperritze
2nd place Sr White buck Thunder dome

Star Buck's Terra was one of the picks for Group 1 English spot, English Angora and Mini Satin where all top in my group.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Great Lake Show A & B

Went to Great Lake Show this pass weekend. It was a well run show, had a great time. As all ways always the only one there with EA and to find out I was the only one there with Angoras! Whats wrong with that?? Here is the run down on the show. More like Play by play. Someone asked is that all you have is White LOL No, I have color just its hard for me to get pass White when they have wool and type to burn over the colored in the barn.

Show A: Breed judge Steve Parker

BOB, BOV Star Bucks Katrhin H
BOS, BOSV Star Buck's Mad Max
2nd Place Star Buck's Terra
3rd place Star Buck's Paperizze
2nd place Sr White buck Thunder Dome Rabbits place the same in Show B.

Went up for Best 4 Class judge was George Rasior jr " He was having a wool day" he said to us the JW was hot and he was talking about the EA also. "English Angora Best 4 Class"

Then had to get ready for Best In Show table. Best In Show judge was Ron Rohrig. Best 6 class was a white Satin of the Gustafson family It was a hot looking animal. "Best In Show today is the English Angora"

So Star Buck's Katrhin H won a leg for winning BIS show A.

Someone told me joking "Know you can only win one of those a year"

Show B : Ron Rohrig was my breed judge and he went through and Star Buck's Katrhin just most of been shinning and picked her out for BOB.
They called Best 4 class right away so I had to run like mad blow her out and do what I could to get her ready for Best 4 class.

Best 4 Class judge was Mike D'Amico.
I had to sick feeling ok he not going to give a EA a 2nd look for 4 class. He sent back all the rabbits but the white mini satin, white Rex, Rhinelander and EA need to stay we where waiting for the Dutch to get done judging, so they ran it over and he gave it a look. " Nice animals but the English Angora is 4 class today"
Then had to get her ready for the Best In Show. It was on the other end of the show room so had to get her ready and run to the end of the show room. Who did I see putting up there rabbit form Best 6 class D Howe and He has knock out Califorias that make your jaw drop.

Best In Show Judge was Steve Parker. He went back and forth through the animals over and over again and he said there both nice animals and both should be up her but he said. "Best In Show is the English Angora"

Same person said to me Alright Marcus that is 2 in a row no more for the year. LOL

Monday, March 8, 2010

First Show of the season!

Michigan just had our first show of the season. It was a wondeful turn out! We had about 24 EA from our friends from the north Canada and our friends from the south, Ohio it was a really great time and we all had fun by all I will post pix when I get them taken.

Winnings go as fallowed.

Judge: Molly Covert
Star Buck's Terra BOB,BOV White Sr doe (7 in the class with 3 exhibitors)
Star Buck's Mad Max BOS, BOSV White Sr Buck
3rd place White Sr doe Star Buck's Kathrine H
2nd place White Sr Buck Star Buck's Thunder Dome

MAC angora show: Judge John Soper

Star Buck's Kathrine H BOB, BOV, BIS most be a mother daughter thing because here mother won an angora show last year for me also.
Star Buck's Mad Max BOSB , BOSV White Sr buck