Saturday, May 31, 2008

Star Buck's Miss Isabella

Thought I post a pix of Star Buck's Miss Isabella. She has 2 BOB, BOV 2 legs took them as a junior. She has a lot of wool on her little body. Her mother Star Buck's Daisy ( Broken Fawn) She is bred and hope they are as nice as these one. They grow up so fast from the time there little pink babies born and then you have to really take care of them. The first pix is fuzzy and well she just to cute for pix anyways.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

North Central Show weekend May 24,2008

Went to a show this weekend, need to get the bunnies out and about. I don't want there first show to be Convention and the freak out and chew there coats. It was a really small well run show, we judge right away at 9 Am for show A and show B was at 1:30. Can you say gas prices have heat a new high $4.29 a gallon. The show wasn't even 30min from my house thank god!

Show A Judge Mike Adams: Did a great job I was surprise not to many judges take the time to blow into an EA coat he got a gold star in my book.
BOB, BOV Star Buck's Miss Isabella (Leg)
BOS, BOSV Star Buck's Coach
2nd Place Jr D Star Buck's House of Star
3rd Place Jr D Star Buck's Devil Wear Prada
2nd Place Jr B Star Buck's Timbarland
3rd Place Jr B Loui Vaton

Show B Judge Brenda Dumas: She told me "nice to see you back with nice animals in the state again". :-) Thank you Linda C , Dru S and Margaret B
BOB, BOV Star Buck's Miss Isabella (Leg)
BOS BOSV Star Buck's Coach
same placing for the other bunnies.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Where my Boys at and Grils at.

My 2 Lilac Tort and Black Tort are nothen short but cute. They need to start getting some wool so I have something to do. I'm bored just petting them and loving them. Here are 3 pix of Star Buck's House of Star (AKA Star) she is stuffing her face right know, Star Buck's Timberland, drinking water and Star Buck's Coach. That is one hell of a face on him. Need to re due Star Bucks Devil Wear Prada pix tomorrow.

Little Louie come along way.

My little runt of of my litter of 5 has come along way. Star bucks Louie Vaton has come along way from being a little runt to making it to 6 weeks and know going to be 2 month soon. His nothen but a cute little boy.