Tuesday, June 29, 2010

They Grow up fast!

I can remember that cold day last year when Star Buck's Dominique had a litter of 4. 2 Chestnuts,1 Black and a REW. Well that REW was Star Buck's Medea 2 time BIS and she has grown into a really outstanding bunny.

The Race to ARBA Convention has started!

An Angora person job is never done. Its either cleaning cages or grooming bunnies or cleaning a dirty bottom. Then if your going to ARBA Convention you spend more time on those hopeful bunnies. Grooming them to the 9's trying to keep the wool on them and the coats on them. Hoping they can make it to the finish line. I thought I thought I would post a pix of Star Buck's Single Ladies. Very nice little black doe that has really nice wool and a body to go with it.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Star Buck's Rabbitry 4 Sale

Selling some bunnies to make room for new and up and coming: The next Best In Show winner maybe.

Star Buck's Ella Fitz (Black Tort) Sir: Countryside Magnum x Dam: Silvertone Dominique- $150.00 She has really nice wool thanks to her mother I just don't care for the type and her mother has 6 babies in the box and I like to make room for them. She is 1.5 years old

Countryside Magnum ( Blue Tort) He has been a wonderful buck that I got from Collen B from New York- $100.00 His going on 3 years old and has been a wonderful herd buck he has 2 up and coming son's that I like to keep around for awhile and see how they turn out.

Star Buck's Rehana (Chestnut) Sir: Star Buck's Green Acers won my first Open BIS in 2009 x Dam: Silvertone Dominique. $250.00 The type is nice she isn't as high as I like them to be but she has good type with alot of wool to burn very dense for the color chestnut If she doesn't sell I cut her down and she can become part of the herd. She will be showing this fall she is about 7 month.