Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Time

Haven't really had anything to report this month. Just found out wont be going to any show this coming month. The Great Lake show August 22 they wont be holding it. :-( Going to go check and see if there anything in OH or IN to go to. I have that show itch. LOL Have a few rabbits that I would like to sell a 1 blue tort doe 1 blue tort buck & 1 black tort buck. If anyone wants to know more please e-mail me. Mrhoden9@aol.com Just had 2 litters this summer, Silvertone Ricki Lake x Star Buck's Green Acers GC 6 legs 1 BIS, 6 wonderful babies. Also Star Bucks Ava GC 4 legs 1 BIS x Star Buck's Green Acers GC 6 legs 1 BIS, 3 wonderful babies. Looking forward to the up and coming babies.
Hoping to get some pix taken of the up and coming show bunnies for this fall. I have some really nice bunnies and looking foward to fall show season.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Whats new!

Summer has come to Michigan! :-) Yeah that mean summer ear in the bunnies if you don't keep them in the house when they are born. It sure does make it easier to hold onto them when grooming them. LOL Not to much is going on around Star Buck's Rabbitry. Just keeping everyone happy and cool. Had a litter of 4 babies on May 14th Countryside Magnum x Sheperd's Tigerlily 2 bucks's Black tort & Blue tort 2 does Black tort & Blue tort. Both bucks are 4 sale I really don't need anymore bucks around I will be at the Great lake show August 22. e-mail me if you like one put on hold there priced at $75.00 Mrhoden9@aol.com